About Us

company name polisee Inc.
Established on June 22, 2021
capital 10,000,000 Japanese Yen
business Planning, development, and operation of the policy-related information platform “polisee”
Provision of policy-related consulting and information services
address Nagatacho Hokkaido Square 7F, 2-17-17 Nagatacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0014

A team with expertise and experience


Co-Founder Representative Director CEO Patent , Attorney

After moving to the United States in 1991, he oversaw software product development at venture companies and listed companies near Silicon Valley for 13 years. In 2004, he returned to Japan and joined Microsoft. Executive Officer General Manager of Developer & Platform Division, Chief Information Officer (CIO) for Japan and Asia, and General Manager of IT Department at US headquarters.
In 2013, he founded Leftright Co., Ltd., which provides intellectual property management consulting and innovation support. 
In June 2021, he co-founded the company with Mizukoshi and assumed the position of CEO. Hokkaido University Faculty of Engineering.


Co-Founder Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) , Lawyer

Registered as a lawyer in 1995.
Qualified as a lawyer in Japan and the United States (California), worked as an in-house attorney at IT companies such as Autodesk and Microsoft, and worked at TMI General Law Office, before establishing Left Right International Law Office in December 2018.
In particular, he specializes in privacy, ICT-related laws and regulations, and intellectual property. Based on the latest policy trends, he provides policy advocacy support and advice for compliance to companies and organizations. 
In June 2021, he co-founded the company with Suzuki and assumed the position of Chief Strategy Officer (CSO). Hitotsubashi University Faculty of Law.


Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

For more than 20 years after moving to the United States in 2000, he has been involved in the general development (architecture, design, development, quality control, etc.) of numerous development tool products and enterprise software solutions as a principal software engineer at CA Technologies (currently Broadcom). A data-driven approach, . NET technology, agile development, natural language processing (NLP). 
In June 2021, he was appointed as our Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Graduated from Faculty of Agriculture, Nagoya University Lives in San Francisco.