Visualize the ever-changing law and policy landscape with polisee®

Better understand systematically complicated elements, namely – committees, members, meetings, public comments, etc. associated with law amendments and policy changes.
Get updated on the valuable information necessary to support your business decisions.

polisee®’s patented technologies visualize the process for Japanese law amendments and government policy-making through a 24-hour monitoring system on your behalf. We strongly support suitable engagement and speedy responses with the government and experts.
polisee® is available in both Japanese and English, and aims to optimize sharing information, understanding, and formulating strategies by connecting global corporations’ offices around the world.
We invite you to use polisee®, a platform providing all information addressing Japanese law amendments and government policy-making.

Search Monitor

All new information can be found here addressing quickly the process for law amendments and government policy-making.
Businesses from anywhere in the world can be up to date on relevant law amendments necessary for its business development in Japan.

●Search function by ministry, government area, law type, and committee member
● Fliter relevant information by topic and committee body
● Set push notifications for new information concerning topics of interest

Insight Share Professional support

Visualize the complicated process for law amendments and government policy-making.
Make correct corporate decisions and respond to new information quickly by becoming involved in organizations and utilization of experts.

● Visualize the enactment and amendment process using the patented technologies, which has been difficult to understand and almost like in a blackbox, based on the detailed legislative policy in accordance with committee bodies, public consultation, bill submission to the Diet, and implementing rules by the supervisory ministry.
● Lead the related laws in reverse by members of an interested committee body
● Collaborate with external resources using the Share function
● Take concrete corporate action by including experts in the team

polisee® is a service named to highlight the importance of visualizing (“see”) the process for law amendments and policy-making (“policy”).

The logo represents the process undertaken for Japanese law amendments and policy-making, that is, the discussions held by the Japanese Diet at the center, surrounded by further discussions by committees and ministries. The logo symbolizes this process of “Visualization by polisee®”.